How to Add Those @2x iOS4 Resources to SVN

Shaun, Jun 16

In order for your app to take full advantage of the iPhone 4 Retina Display, you'll need to add 2x resources to your iPhone project.

If you're using SVN to manage your files, you'll be faced with something pretty annoying:

$ svn add Default@2x.png
svn: warning: 'Default' not found

This was incredibly frustrating for me, no matter how I tried to escape it: single quotes, double quotes, backslashes, etc. SVN refused to add.

This is due to internal path recognizers in SVN. It expects the last at symbol to specify a revision. This is easily corrected by adding an at symbol to the end of your file:

$ svn add Default@2x.png@
A (bin) Default@2x.png

You'll still need to manually add each resource, but it's better than nothing. You could also use an IDE like Cornerstone, but I prefer the SVN CLI way of managing SVN.

Before anyone says anything: I know this isn't an issue in GIT. GIT's awesome, I love GIT. Unfortunately I still have some projects that require SVN.

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