EGODatabase, Finally Released

Shaun, May 23

We mentioned a few months ago on twitter that we were working on a thread-safe Objective-C wrapper for SQLite after using FMDB extensively in just about all of our apps. We kind of felt like we were doing way too much work using FMDB to avoid thread issues, so we came up with EGODatabase.

EGODatabase uses some code from FMDB, but for the most part, it was completely reworked to use result sets and row objects. One of the biggest differences between FMDB and EGODatabase, aside from EGODatabase being thread-safe, is when selecting data, EGODatabase populates its EGODatabaseRow class with the data from SQLite, as opposed to retaining the SQLite results like FMDB does.


EGODatabase is tested to work with with iPhone OS and Mac OS X 10.5

Here's a quick look at how EGODatabase works:

You can grab EGODatabase over at GitHub:

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