iTunesConnect Product Types

Saverio, Feb 5

With the development of Heartbeat, we've had to stare at the daily reports day in and day out to really understand what was going on. Generally you don't need to dig too deep into the the daily reports to get a general idea of how your application is doing (especially if it's doing well), you can just add up a few columns in Numbers and get an idea very quickly; however, when you really want to analyze things, Numbers just won't do. That's where Heartbeat comes in, and for Heartbeat to get numbers like this:

Heartbeat Sales Breakdown needs to really know what the daily reports are saying.

The most important of this data is the "Product Type" field. It tells you if it was a sale, an update, or a re-download.

Sale = 1

Update = 7

Re-Download = 5

From all of our testing, these are the only types that we've come across. Refunds seem to be listed as Product Type 1; however, the "units" for refunds are negative.

To the best of my knowledge, Apple hasn't posted any documentation providing explanations for the Daily Reports. If they have, I'll be very upset that I didn't find it 3 months ago.


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