Xcode "EGO" Theme

Shaun, Mar 21

"EGO" is the Xcode theme we created for our own personal use. We started with a copy of the "Dusk" theme and toned down the colors a bit to make it easier on the eyes.

"EGO" uses the font "DejaVu Sans Mono" at 12pt. Some of you may know it as "Panic Sans" from Panic's Coda (which is a repackaged version of it). You can grab the font over at dejavu-fonts.org. If you already have Code installed, feel free to swap in Panic Sans in place of DejaVu Sans Mono.

Here's a screenshot of "EGO" in action:


To get EGO run the following code in Terminal:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Xcode/Color\ Themes; cd ~/Library/Library/Application\ Support/Xcode/Color\ Themes; curl -O http://developers.enormego.com/assets/egotheme/EGO.xccolortheme

Now just restart Xcode, go to Preferences > Fonts & Colors, and select "EGO" from the color theme drop down.


UPDATE: This will only work for Xcode 3.x. Click here to get EGO for Xcode 4 and EGOv2!

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